Outstanding Features of WebAuto

WEBAUTO comes with many exclusive features that are not found in other rental software, which automate the front-counter and back-office operations. Each feature was designed based on many years of actual car and truck rental experience to improve your operations and to increase your productivity and profits.

  • easy to use
  • easy to train
  • eliminate manual DBR accounting process
  • recover costs from damage to vehicles
  • and much, much more..

Open/Close Agreement

All-in-one Open/Close Agreement screens - Opening or closing an agreement is the most frequently used screen in the system and it is the heart of the whole management system.It is now possible to open and close an entire agreement on the same screens.

  • faster and simpler
  • Easy to use screens for generating a regular rental/loaner agreement
  • captures pickup/return office, dates, times, renter information, and multiple additional driver information
  • select a rate or create a rate on the spot, select a car from the ready line, choose the appropriate coverage, and/or enter extra charge items, supplies or deposits (if required)

Easy to Use

We understand the importance of proper training and Mission Software offers tools to streamline the process. A trainee that is computer literate can be fully trained in WebAuto within a day using our tutorials. We also offer an offline site, which has all the functions of the live site for training, to ensure your business is not affected while your training will allow all the features of WebAuto to be utilized.

Real Time Fleet Management

With our color based grid system, the overview will allow you to see what units are available at any time including reservations and returns. The grid will represent each day for every vehicle in the fleet. However, we understand some operations will have all sizes of vehicles in their fleet to rent out, from compact cars to 5-ton trucks and dependant on their roles will need a different form of management. WebAuto offers two different forms of real time fleet management simultaneously so there is no need to force your trucks to use a car-based grid system and vice versa.


Separated by each class of vehicle in the fleet, the information would also include how many units are rented out, how many units are needed to fulfill the day's reservations, and how many units are free. The most valuable aspect of forecasting is the ability for your operations to plan ahead. This tool would allow an operation to know exactly where they stand and how they can influence a customer's decision.

Advanced Rate Manager

In order to obtain an optimal balance between your fleet supply and the ebb and flow of market demand, it requires in depth knowledge of the target market. We at Mission Software understand the need to constantly have a multitude of rates on hand dependant on the situation in order for an operation to maximize revenue yield from rates.

Best Rate Search Engine

Once all the rates have been set up properly WebAuto will automatically search the database, pick and suggest the most suitable rate based on the selected rental dates and the time frame the manager has set up. This tool is designed to streamline the process of getting the best rate possible when an operation has hundreds of different rates set up.

Split Billing Function

Following our keeping it simple philosophy, WebAuto automatically anticipates split billing, and has the function built in into the system. The program not only automatically calculates the corresponding costs to each individual party dependant on their individual charges based on length, quantity and amount, but it also factors in taxes. There is no need to pull out your calculator and risk human error.

Closed Agreement Adjuster

WebAuto comes with a Close Agreement Adjustment features to speed up the process and eliminates any human calculation errors. The process is simple, the user tells the program what the adjustment value needs to be, and the program will take care of the rest. The adjustment could be anything, including fuel surcharge, rates, discounts and damages.

DBR Daily Business Accounting

WEBAUTO comes with a comprehensive DBR rental accounting system, from order entry to taxation reporting. All transcations can be posted by shift, daily, weekly, monthly or any time period. Flexible control of the DBR, provides reports on cash drawer balance, cash jornal, sales journal and even back dating in case of power failures or revenue regrouping.

Vehicle Damage Tracking

Once new damage has been detected and entered into WebAuto, the software will automatically issue that incident a unique Damage ID. This ID will store all possible information needed, who did it and which rental agreement did it belong to, what kind of damage it is and the severity of the damage, when did it happen with specific date and time, where the damage is located and a brief description of why it happened. We know that is not practical to remove a car from rotation for every minor dent and knick on the vehicle to get fixed immediately, so the database will continuously store all the Damage IDs along with the car until it is fixed and removed from the system.

Customer Rewards Incentives

Increase customer loyalty by setting up a points reward system for returning customers. WEBAUTO simplifies the process of tracking your customer reward points by handling the points calculations. You customers will earn points for renting vehicles. Reward returning customers by offering points for merchandise, deals, rentals, freebies or cash.


We understand that every company has a different philosophy on how to run their operations. The solution we have provided is a magnitude of different security features available to the user. The security features include restricted access, to email notifications of manual rate changes, manager overrides and much, much more.

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