About Us

With our 30+ years of experience in the industry, we have been on the frontlines of the growth in technology from legacy systems to web-based solutions. Aside from the auto management industry, Mission Software also has deep roots in banking systems, thus creating our philosophies in prioritizing accounting, security and profits. Our mission is to provide you the tools to operate your business the way you envisioned while maximizing your profits.

Efficient Car rental software

The only auto rental software that can open and close car and truck agreement in just a few screens.

Our Commitment to you

From our experience, all businesses have their own unique business model which allows them to be competitive. We firmly believe WebAuto is a tool that should support your business model and not dictate or limit your vision of a perfect business.

Mission Software commitment

Mission Software is committed to bringing personal and professional technical support to our customers.

powerful auto rental software

Well Established

Our first generation software was programmed on a Legacy character base system, then we moved onto a Window based program, both of which were difficult to update and enhance due to the format. Both of which were unable to handle a large volume of users simultaneously. But now we are currently boasting one of the most powerful auto software on the market as a web based program because we have the ability to continuously grow in real time as per the requests of our clients. As technology progresses, Missions Software has risen to the challenge every time and has adapted to meet the demands of user requirements. After every migration, the software has become more user friendly than the previous due to our continued experience in the market and Mission Software has been able to encompass all our consumer demands into WebAuto. It is a complex system, but it is a very delicate balance between an array of features and functionality.

Continuous Growth

The ability to quickly progress and evolve is the reason why WebAuto has the leading edge over its competitors. It is a web based system that has the ability to change and meet the demands and preferences of all our customers. Why settle for a program that forces your operation to be managed a certain way, when the program should be the one to match the way you want your business to operate.

First Hand Experience

WebAuto is developed for the auto rental industry by people who have operated in the auto rental industry. Mission Software, have spent years perfecting the program to ensure it encompasses the functions and needs of the entire operation and not just the front end. The accounting reports and functions are just as important as opening and closing agreements.

Your Success is our Success

The main reason why WebAuto is so successful, it is because of the program's focus on not only the front counter, it also emphasizes on the back office accounting and most importantly security. With over three decades of involvement in the auto rental industry and actual management experience; we understand the importance of both bookkeeping and protection of your profits.

Every detail is Important

While almost all of our competitors can give you the basic operations of opening and closing agreements and electronic booking, nobody else compares to us when it comes to the details and intricacies of the accounting department. WebAuto's architectural design focused heavily on accounting and security. It is our firm belief that in order to run a successful business, you must know where every cent goes and that your dollar must carry its full weight.

Size is not a Concern

WebAuto is the turnkey solution for all auto rental companies in North America whether it is independently owned or a corporate franchise. WebAuto is able to support an operation in one location with a dozen cars, to a corporation with over 50,000 cars at over a 1000 locations. The sophistication of the system allows for multiple independent ownerships with split inter-branch accounting.

No Stone left Unturned

The complexity of the rate system allows for any company to operate the way they had envisioned including the support of both Imperial and Metric systems. Fleet arrangement is also flexible, with the accommodation of any vehicles including cars, trucks, vans, buses, cargo trucks, campers, motorised homes, trailers and motorcycles.

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